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The Fields | Why Setting a New Year’s Resolution is a Bad Idea!
New year new you.  My new year’s resolution is to…That’s probably the common theme that you’re seeing your friends’ post throughout social media. Or maybe you’re that person thinking about setting a resolution.  From losing weight, taking trips, or saving money are all examples of resolutions that people make at the beginning of the yar.  But did you know that 80% of Americans that make resolutions fail? Instead of making resolutions that you might only keep for the first month, here’s some reasons why it’s not a good idea to do it after all:
1. There’s a lot of readjusting to do in January. Whether you’re starting a new job or about to start classes, chances are, in order to get used to these lifestyle changes, it could take the entire month to making a routine.  Experts urge to take your time and adjust to your new “norm” and once you’ve made the adjustments, you can then make a resolution…that’s if you still want to.
2. Why January?  Some people feel because of the new year, you feel a sense of wholeness or newness, and you’re out with the old and in with the new, especially if you didn’t have a good 2019.  But just because you don’t make a resolution in January, doesn’t mean that you can’t make resolutions all year round.  Even if you fail at the resolution, you can still pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and try it again.
3. Big goals can equal failing big time.  If you have a goal or expectation that you’re trying to meet (i.e. losing a significant amount of weight or making a huge lifestyle change) chances are, you might slip up and fall back to old habits.  But if you do, don’t worry because you’re not a failure.  For example, if your resolution is to lose 50 pounds, set a realistic goal on how to get there, maybe by saying that you’ll lose 5-10 pounds in a month.  Therefore, if you have a bad day or cheat day, you’re still on track to make your goal.
So, after reading this, if you still want to make a resolution, it’s okay we won’t be mad at you.  But make sure you go into it with ease.  After all, slow and steady wins the race!